Sascha Humiliation – P4

Shadow Slaves

i came. And came. And came as i had never come before. Blinding colors of orgasm. i heard my Master’s voice in the reverie, drawn somewhere from deep in my mind. i lost myself in my love for my Master, and for being allowed to serve him. i silently screamed as the ever-expanding missle reamed me. The pain had become a searing heat, burning me from inside, and the monitor witnessed the wide-eyed terror that came with the realization that the missle was spewing BenGay inside me.

My eyes closed, my head lolled back, and the world went black.

When i came to, the platform was level to the ground, the clamps and needles had disappeared, and the missle was gone, leaving a gaping emptiness in my ass. Fingers were kneading and massaging my breasts, and someone was cleaning me with a warm towel. A discarded Bardex and filled bucket provided silent testimony to a ministration that, gratefully, i was spared from experiencing.

“You have done very well, chattel. Very well indeed. We had one more activity planned for the evening. One of the responses on your Master’s application concerned a desire you had, but for which he had no desire to fulfill. In fact, he was quite adamant about never allowing you to be so used. We tend to relish such bits of information of course, and use every opportunity to help such “reluctant” Masters fulfill their slave’s wishes. Unfortunately, the press of time will require that we save that for another event.”

In a fleeting moment of rational thought, i realized that dawn was creeping into the room through cracks in the door. i had endured their intiation, their 12 hours of ownership. i knew that soon i would be returned to the other reality, where i functioned and pretended to be something more than three holes for amusement. But they were not quite done with me yet.

i was ordered to lie on by back atop the plexiglas, which was lowered to the floor. My legs were parted and strapped, again with my knees drawn up and wrenched apart as wide as they would go. A horse bit was slipped between my teeth, and a small clamp was attached to the tip of my tongue. Again i was held motionless while the Owners positioned themselves around me.

Shadow Slaves

i wasn’t prepared for the cutting. i watched it in the monitor, hypnotized and floating in that blessed conscious unconsciousness that swaddles me when the pain and anguish overtake me. i saw the scalpel shred my skin. i saw the skin part, with droplets of blood forming where the scalpel had trailed. On my mons, just above my clit. The mark of the Co-op, of their possession of me. Permanent. A small “c.” chattel. Co-op chattel. Master’s cunt and Co-op chattel.

As just as quickly as it had started, it was over. The electricians and sound men packed up their equipment and members of the Co-op led me to another cold shower and again air dried by the fan. i knelt, the Owners formed a circle around me, and finished my bath with a self-induced cum shower which again glazed my breasts, stomach, and ass. They waited patiently as the cum dried, watched me don a simple black sheath dress that brushed softly against my bruised and battered skin, ogled as i slid the black seamed stockings up over my thighs and slipped on the heels, and bade their adieus. Some even kissed me and fondled me gently.

Owner dropped me off at my office door as though nothing had happened, with just “You may tell your Master he’ll be hearing from us.” It was just another morning.

i must have spoken to the guard, must have signed in, must have ridden the elevator. Nothing registered until i went into my office and saw Trish sitting at my computer. “Hi there,” she piped up cheerily. “Great pictures!” She moved away from the computer, waited a moment till the screensaver started, and there i was suspended from the plexiglas platform, a human cock in my mouth, a metal tube being pulled from my ass and my body expelling its waste, and the look of a reveried, undeniable glorious passion on my face.

“Now about that performance review…..”