French SM master De Sade

BDSM Direct presents legendary French SM master De Sade and his sub. A deep dive into the dungeon where naughty fetish activities become reality. Enjoy the pratique BDSM from a gentleman dom in Paris.

Sir De Sade acquired the ringing cellular phone. He glanced at the amount which was shown. He did not need to since he knew who it was that was calling him. Plus she was on time. “Hello, slavegirl.”
“Good early morning, Sir.”

“Yes, it’s a good morning, Michelle. Are you prepared to deliver me?”

“Yes, Sir.” Michelle’s voice conveyed her completely submissive state.

“Good. What exactly are you using? I have getting a visual of my slavegirl.”

“Nothing special, Sir. I’ve on several slacks along with a long sleeve shirt.”


“Yes, Sir, the same as you wanted.”

“And the shirt, could it be a gentle cotton?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And your nipples are hard?”

“Yes, Sir. They’re always tough when I chat with you,” Michelle admitted.

“Yes, I imagine they’re. And your hard nipples are apparent in your shirt?”

“Yes, Sir. They’re truly poking out.” Her a smile was brought by comments to the face of his.

“Reach under your play and also shirt with the nipples of yours. I want them also harder.”

“Yes, Sir.” Michelle eagerly obeyed his demand. “Oh,” she moaned as she toyed with her thick nipples and also teased them into an even more challenging state.

“Are they getting harder?”

“Yes, Sir,” she breathed. Her voice suggest that her arousal fitness level was launching its upward climb.

Sir De Sade examined the clock on the automobile radio. “I need you to place a clothing pin on each nipple.”

“Yes, Sir.” Michelle located the 2 clothes pins she’d positioned close to the cell phone in obedience to her Sir’s earlier e mail petition to ask them to prepared when she called the morning. “May I put the cell phone down while I set them on?”

“Yes, my precious little slavegirl.”

“Thank you, Sir.” Michelle carefully put the handset on the cell phone down before putting the clothes pins on her erect nipples.

He noticed her moan when the teeth on the clothes pins crushed the nipples of her. He smiled over the obedience of her as he patiently waited for her buy the telephone.

“They are in place, Sir,” she confirmed.

“Did you choose the tightest clothes pins?”

“No, Sir,” she admitted. She felt ashamed she’d failed to do it. She did wish to satisfy the Sir of her in every way and in each detail.

“Next time, you are going to use probably the tightest clothes pins that you’ve on your own nipples?”

“Yes, Sir. Sorry.”

“How do they feel?”

“They are tight,” she truthfully informed him.

“Good. I do need you to feel my ownership.” and control

“I do, Sir.”

“Touch the idea of your nipples.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“How does that feel?”

“Good, Sir. They’re really sensitive.”

“Yes, I know you’ve really sensitive nipples. Did your touch cause them to become harder?”

“Yes, Sir.” Michelle moaned. “And good,” is felt by it she added.

“You are such a needy slavegirl.” He visualized the way her nipples looked. It triggered the cock of his to mix and leak.

“Yes, Sir. You consistently make me that way.” She carried on to gently move the finger of her over the guidelines of the nipples of her.

“As it must be,” he confirmed. “Who owns your nipples?”

“You do, Sir.”

“Yes, I do own many of you.”

“I am yours, Sir,” Michelle breathed as she liked both pain and pleasure her nipples were receiving.

“Is your pussy wet?”

“Let me check, Sir.” Michelle lowered her slacks and touched herself. “Yes, Sir. I’m extremely wet.”

“I am not surprised.” From the submissives he’d coached, Sir De Sade had never seen anybody who might get as wet as Michelle could. She will go out of puddles of fluids on the seating of seats when aroused. Needless to say, it made it very simple to insert his, fingers, and dildos cock into her. “Put 3 fingers into her pussy.”

“Yes, Sir.” Michelle obeyed.

“Are your fingers saturated?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Lick them off,” he ordered. He noticed her sucking the juices of her off of her fingers. “Does it taste good?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I know,” he agreed. He licked the mouth of his as he managed to psychological taste her. She was very cute. He wished he was there at this time sampling tasting the fluids of her and making her squirm as he orally devoured her appealing pussy. “Put your fingertips back into your pussy.”

“Yes, Sir.” Michelle moaned as her 3 fingers somewhat stretched the pussy of her as she completely inserted them into her moist and warm hole. “In, Sir,” she breathed.

Sir De Sade smiled as he watched the obedience of her in his brains eye. “Have you actually massaged the G spot of yours and made yourself cum?’

For a moment. “No, was concept by Michelle Sir.”

Her reply surprised him. “Interesting. Find your G-spot.”

“Yes, Sir.” She probed inside of herself. “Found it, Sir> “

“Good. Massage it, slavegirl.”

“Yes, Sir. It can feel good,” she admitted.

“I know.” He heard her moans as she made herself all the more needy.

“Taste your juices again,”

“Yes, Sir.”

He noticed her once again cleaning the fingers of her off. His cock leaked even more. “Massage your G spot.” When she gasped, he just knew she’d discovered the unique spot of her.

“Sir, that feels really good.”

“I understand. Plus I have you. Feel the pleasure and the pain, I’m enabling you to enjoy and know I’m your Sir.”

“You are, Sir,” she breathed. She closed the eyes of her and felt her entire body racing towards a climax. “May I cum for you?”

“In a moment. Try keeping yourself on the edge,” he demanded.

“Yes, Sir.”

He heard the change in her breath. Sensing time was right, he commanded, “Cum for me.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she promptly exploded. She moaned the endorsement of her of the waves of ecstasy that have been cleaning over her. Lastly, she stated and sounded like she had been used, “Thank you, Sir. Thank you.”

“Yes, you need to thank me.” Checking out he clock and also noting that the clothes pins were definitely available for almost 15 minutes, he purchased, “Take the clothes pins off.”

“Yes, Sir.” She gradually introduced the strain the very first apparel pin was exerting on her nipple. “Mmmmmmmm,” she uttered when the blood flowed back into the nipples. “Ohhhhh!” she wailed since the 2nd clothes pin was removed.

“Massage them,”

“Yes, Sir.” Michelle rapidly massaged the breasts of her that far more than filled the 34C cups of her bra. “Thank you, Sir,” she breathed.

Whipped and Tormented / Slavegirl Angel

Whipped and Tormented / Slavegirl Angel

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Busty slavegirl Angels hardcore whipping and extreme bdsm films of gagged and tied up tattooed slaveslut in pain. Merciless hellpain whipping in tight bondage of the big tit slavegirl who struggles behind her tight leather gag as the whips draw stripes of pain across her body. Busty bdsm slavegirl Angel gagged. in bondage and in extreme whipping pain in the garage. The cute longhaired and tattooed slavegirl screams from behind her gag as the whip dances over her body.

BDSM Adventures

Chyna White is a really obedient slave that actually likes getting dominated. Princess Donna is actually relaxed, confident & a lot in control as she mixes only the correct amount of soreness with enjoyment. Donna utilizes a little stick to cause pain to Chyna’s pussy as well as foot while certain to a chair. We likewise see a good OTK, flogging, ass fingering and feet worship. Chyna additionally rides the Mistresses of her strap on cock like a genuine sex starved slave must.

JP pulls a class prank on the teacher of her Miss Cami as well as suffers the consequences of sexual humiliation and punishment. Footworship, whipping, spanking while writing on the black board, erasing the board with the face of her as well as strap on fucking while tied on the instructors table are actually several of the items in that amazing update.

Gorgeous as well as busty twenty two year old Isabella Soprano does her 1st S&M; session with Chanta. Isabella has never been slapped around and degraded in such a hot way.

Genuine lovers Loni and Phoenix are available though this time the tables are actually left turned and Phoenix is actually on the receiving end. Once again, both females are switched on so we see some body worship as well as feet and armpits, face smothering, spanking, fucking and flogging for a pile driver position which hits the appropriate area for Phoenix.

Beauty and Domination

They are available to us with thier youthful bodies in addition to beautifal faces. They dress and doll themselves up for us. Next we tie them. We start out removing thier apparelclothing as we gag them. We restrain them with rope, we spread them out, we hogtie and suspend the slaves of ours. In order to see thier eyes as we tie the vibrators in to thier pussies, on thier bloated clits. They struggle against thier bonds and we leave them there right up until they cum. Next we leave them there longer, right up until they cum once again. Until they try and shake totally free from the vibrator’s buzzing, but recognize they cannot. However, there are actually powerless slaves patiently waiting for you, tied up and ideal.

This particular scene information: Tanya Danielle is actually a healthy living, blonde, California dream female. She’s a body which begs for a bikini, though we favor her naked in this particular scene. We place her on the tummy of her on a bench as well as tie the hands of her behind the back of her. Next we frogtie each leg. Any struggling can see Tanya dropping out of the bench so she continues to be extremely still as we put in the dildo from behind. Tanya moans as well as clinches the hands of her as the fucking printer starts to plunge her from behind. Tanya starts rocking forth and back as the printer becomes quicker as well as quicker. She whines and squeals with the black ball gag as full speed is approached by the printer.

We get the opportunity to shoot the busty and beautiful Shlya Stylez and we leap on it with perverted glee. Shlya is actually the girl type who flirts with the eyes of her, or perhaps she is simply as sexy it appears she is flirting with anybody who looks into those eyes. Never to point out, up and down her amazing body: tan, girly, ideal. She’s a keeper for certain. So we opt to keep her on the bed of ours. We dress her up in lingerie and extend her out through a single corner of the bed to the various other. We gag her and difficult task her to escape the knots of ours. Naturally, no luck was had by her, though it was fun to view and shoot. Next we strip her naked and tie the spread eagle of her. The vibrator is actually mounted to the pussy of her and we change it on to view this renowned, sex beast fight and moan. Shlya functions the same as we believed she’d. She rubs the pussy of her against the vibrator in an attempt to cum as difficult as possible. What about a very first, one of the secret wands of ours fizzles out from the pressure she places on it. We change it and Shyla gets what she needed, a helpless and huge orgasm of bondage.

Fae Fucked And Whipped

Fucked and whipped rough slavesex for Fae Corbin in hardcore spanking and sexual submission. Whipped into submission and needle torture skinny English brunette Fae Corbin crying from pain and fear as she is mercilessly whipped and tormented with needles on her sore punished nipples and tits. Fucked and whipped rough slavesex for Fae Corbin in hardcore spanking and sexual submission

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fucked,slavesex,whipped – Fucked and whipped rough slave at

Whipped into submission and needle torture skinny English brunette Fae Corbin crying from pain and fear as she is mercilessly whipped and tormented with needles on her sore punished nipples and tits. Fucked and whipped rough slavesex for Fae Corbin in hardcore spanking and sexual submission

Sascha Humiliation – P4

Shadow Slaves

i came. And came. And came as i had never come before. Blinding colors of orgasm. i heard my Master’s voice in the reverie, drawn somewhere from deep in my mind. i lost myself in my love for my Master, and for being allowed to serve him. i silently screamed as the ever-expanding missle reamed me. The pain had become a searing heat, burning me from inside, and the monitor witnessed the wide-eyed terror that came with the realization that the missle was spewing BenGay inside me.

My eyes closed, my head lolled back, and the world went black.

When i came to, the platform was level to the ground, the clamps and needles had disappeared, and the missle was gone, leaving a gaping emptiness in my ass. Fingers were kneading and massaging my breasts, and someone was cleaning me with a warm towel. A discarded Bardex and filled bucket provided silent testimony to a ministration that, gratefully, i was spared from experiencing.

“You have done very well, chattel. Very well indeed. We had one more activity planned for the evening. One of the responses on your Master’s application concerned a desire you had, but for which he had no desire to fulfill. In fact, he was quite adamant about never allowing you to be so used. We tend to relish such bits of information of course, and use every opportunity to help such “reluctant” Masters fulfill their slave’s wishes. Unfortunately, the press of time will require that we save that for another event.”

In a fleeting moment of rational thought, i realized that dawn was creeping into the room through cracks in the door. i had endured their intiation, their 12 hours of ownership. i knew that soon i would be returned to the other reality, where i functioned and pretended to be something more than three holes for amusement. But they were not quite done with me yet.

i was ordered to lie on by back atop the plexiglas, which was lowered to the floor. My legs were parted and strapped, again with my knees drawn up and wrenched apart as wide as they would go. A horse bit was slipped between my teeth, and a small clamp was attached to the tip of my tongue. Again i was held motionless while the Owners positioned themselves around me.

Shadow Slaves

i wasn’t prepared for the cutting. i watched it in the monitor, hypnotized and floating in that blessed conscious unconsciousness that swaddles me when the pain and anguish overtake me. i saw the scalpel shred my skin. i saw the skin part, with droplets of blood forming where the scalpel had trailed. On my mons, just above my clit. The mark of the Co-op, of their possession of me. Permanent. A small “c.” chattel. Co-op chattel. Master’s cunt and Co-op chattel.

As just as quickly as it had started, it was over. The electricians and sound men packed up their equipment and members of the Co-op led me to another cold shower and again air dried by the fan. i knelt, the Owners formed a circle around me, and finished my bath with a self-induced cum shower which again glazed my breasts, stomach, and ass. They waited patiently as the cum dried, watched me don a simple black sheath dress that brushed softly against my bruised and battered skin, ogled as i slid the black seamed stockings up over my thighs and slipped on the heels, and bade their adieus. Some even kissed me and fondled me gently.

Owner dropped me off at my office door as though nothing had happened, with just “You may tell your Master he’ll be hearing from us.” It was just another morning.

i must have spoken to the guard, must have signed in, must have ridden the elevator. Nothing registered until i went into my office and saw Trish sitting at my computer. “Hi there,” she piped up cheerily. “Great pictures!” She moved away from the computer, waited a moment till the screensaver started, and there i was suspended from the plexiglas platform, a human cock in my mouth, a metal tube being pulled from my ass and my body expelling its waste, and the look of a reveried, undeniable glorious passion on my face.

“Now about that performance review…..”

Amber West in domination

I am unaware of the lady behind me who slips a white powder in my tea. “Drink up, my dear,” she says. I tell her that I couldn’t reach the garage. While we talk the room suddenly starts to circle around me and I feel dizzy and sleepy. “You must be tired, my dear,” the lady says, “lay back and rest a bit.” She tells me she is Mistress B and that I am her slave. I can not resist her dominating voice and I feel totally at her will each minute more. “Come here,” she says, sit on this stool.”

Amber West and her mistress in domination

Shadow Slaves

In a dream I do as I’m told.

He picked up the vibrator and ran it over my body teasing all parts, including my nipples.He pulled on my hair and told me to open my mouth and he proceeded to fuck my mouth with the plastic intruder.  In and out, over and over as if it was
a giant cock. He stopped and removed the plastic love machine and quickly inserted my large red ball gag, strapping it tightly behind my head. I started to drool almost instantly.My tits and nipples were starting to become wet.

Shadow Slaves

Saschas Humiliation – P3

Shadow Slaves

The camera focused on my clit moved slightly to refocus on my exposed and nearly-virgin ass hole. Fingers pulled my ass cheeks apart, and i felt the tip of the Missle press against my tightly closed rosebud. The sound of a switch, and i felt the pumping against my ass. My anal training was triggered, and the fucking device began its excruciating penetration. The Owners stood close by, silent, watching it disappear, a quarter inch at a time. Mesmerized, i watched in the monitor as i was being ass fucked by a machine.

If i could have moved, i would have pressed myself onto the monster, so hungry i was to be filled. But all i could do is passively wait for it to be buried inside my body. Wait, and moan, and beg with my eyes for …. for what? i didn’t even know.

“Patience, property. It won’t always be using you so gently. You’ll get the fucking you want. And I’ll wager, a bit more. And you will be sure to let us know when you feel a bit warmer there, won’t you? I trust you will cooperate for the camera, and show us a bit of emotion.” i was beginning to hate his soliloquies… his Misterogers-like pace and tone was in direct conflict with his sadistic nature.

“Shall we turn our attention to her beautiful breasts, Gentlemen? Didn’t you just love how she boasted that she could pull semi-trailer trucks with those nipples? But it’s a bit sad that she feels her nipples would be better if they were always erect. Perhaps we can assist in some way.” He saw my quizzical expression and, by way of explanation, continued. “Chat rooms are such a valuable source of information, we’ve found. And you, dear property, are quite the entertainer, aren’t you?” i’d always suspected that my mouthy online commentary might come back to haunt me. i’d just never thought it would be under these circumstances.

“We’ve done some fascinating research into physical reactions, you know. We are fortunate to have a number of physicians and a couple of scientists in our group. With some experimentation, they’ve discovered that by concentrating on only one area of the body, asymmetrically, a person has a bit of a struggle processing the sensation. Naturally, we use that information to our advantage.”

i felt the clamp claiming my tender and aching right nipple. i turned my attention to the monitor, and saw that it was a cuff-like shape, about a half and inch length, that was affixed around my flesh between the nipple and the areola. It created a perfectly formed erect nipple. The adjusting screw was tightened until i thought i might faint, and then one more turn on the dial to tighten it yet more. Fingers parted my cunt, pulling my clit hood back, and i felt another clamp being fastened to my swollen and throbbing clit. Chains linked the two clamps together, and weights were added to hang from the chain. Even the most subtle motion of the platform sent blinding pain coursing through my breast and throughout my body.

The thrusting Missle continued fucking, faster now, moving deep inside, and then pulling nearly out to thrust yet again. The clamps vibrated gently with the rhythm of the fucking, and i was engulfed in sensation beyond any reality i’d experienced. My mind swirled and consciousness evaporated into a blessed vacuum. Cameras captured the beads of sweat that glistened over my captured body, and microphones recorded every muffled moan and whimper that bubbled from my suffocatingly full throat.

Teeth on my left nipple robbed me of my endorphin reverie, and i jolted back to consciousness just in time to see the first tiny needle being pressed into my left areola. i focused on the monitor and on the missle, which had imbedded itself fully in my ass and had begun to expand even as it continued its dispassionate mechanical fucking. A second needle, a fifth, a tenth, formed a glimmering starburst around my taut and tortured nipple.

A single Owner moved in front of me, brandishing a single tail whip. “Let’s see if we can encourage that nipple to stay perky.” He took a couple of warm-up practice swings, cracking the single tail at my right ear and dancing it twice immediately before my eyes. i could see he was skilled, which reassured me of my safety. The first sting landed directly on the tip of my left needle-pointed nipple. Another. Another. Every one exactingly applied on exactly the same milimeter of flesh, every one exactingly applied with a force just milimeters beyond what i could tolerate. Another. Again. i felt pressure building in my tormented clit, and i knew the next strike would send me past the point of control. He stopped, somehow reading my thoughts, and walked toward me. His fingertips brushed the exposed ends of the needles, sending yet another engulfing rush throughout my body, now mad with need for release.

A single fingertip flicked the clamped right nipple and sent new waves of pain through my breast and, tramsitted by the chain, into my clit. For Master, i chanted silently. For Master. i love you Master. For Master. The clamp was ripped from my nipple and i heard the words i had been longing to hear. “Come, chattel.”

Shadow Slaves

Kinky Crystel Lei

Crystel and I had plans to go to the Opera. Instead we got tied up! A masked intruder ties and gags us and tortures us all Sunday afternoon. He ties us up and lays us on the couch with our heads down. I can feel the blood pumping in my head. I’m ball gagged and I watch as the villain does the same with Crystel using a head trainer. She whines softly as he ties the trainer around her poor face. We are helpless and the intruder takes advantage of this as he tortures our nipples with two sets of clothes pegs. I feel very sorry for Crystel as I know she has very sensitive nipples.

Some time later we sit next to each other with our mouths wide open as the intruder fixes us up with mouth spreaders. I watch as he spreads Crystel’ mouth wide open, opening up a bit more with each click of the spreader. I look into the large hole of her mouth, her wet tongue, deep sighs coming from deep down under her throat.

Shadow Slaves – Exclusive BDSM Films

Crystel became Little Red Riding-Hood like in the fairytale, but she don’t wanted to see the big bad wolf. There was no escape and she met the bastard! He had a big appetite to bound and gagged her instead of eat her.

Saschas Humiliation – P3

Owner ordered me to mount the platform face down, so that my cunt rested just at the edge of the platform. They told me to spread my legs and bend my knees, so that i imagined myself looking a bit like a frog. They fastened leather restraints around my legs just above my knees, attached the restraints to the upper edge of the platform and pulled them tight, so that gravity would make sure my cunt and ass would stay incredibly widely exposed and open.

Shadow Slaves

My waist was restrained with yet another leather strap, and my arms were pulled up behind me, strapped and locked to the waist strap. They locked a leather restraint around my forehead and under my chin, tilted my head far back, and held my head in place by skewering my throat with a cock-shaped attachment that they affixed to the platform. It fit as long as i held my head tilted back; if i moved my head, it cut off my breathing and gagged me unmercifully.

Rough fingers reached through the underside of the cut-out holes, fondled my breasts and pulled them through the small holes in the plexiglas. It was twice as intense as any breast bondage that i’d endured, and my breasts were soon throbbing and turning a deep pinkish hue.

The technicians finished setting up their equipment, and monitors soon captured all four camera angles. One camera was trained on my face. Another was a low shot, aimed directly at my cunt, which glistened moist and red in the intense light. One trained on my bulging and discolored breasts. The final camera angle was a wider shot, designed to capture all of the action. And it seemed they took care to position the monitors where i could see every element of my use.

“Two entries on your Master’s application were of particular interest to us. One was your propensity for breast play, and the other was your very recent transformation into a bit of an assfuck afficionado. We are quite pleased at both of these, and we are looking forward to helping you enjoy these activities. Of course, your Master expressed his desire that anal use be reserved for him. Unfortunately, not all one’s wishes can be fulfilled now, can they?”

Shadow Slaves

“In the interests of time, let’s combine these two activities. Position her and set up the Missle, please.” The plexiglas platform moved to hold me nearly vertical, and i felt the straps strain as they held me against the pull of gravity.

An Owner moved from out of the shadows and held a intricately modeled 9″ cock in his hand. He took a tube of KY Jelly, unscrewed the end of the device, and emptied the KY into it. He repeated the movement with a tube of BenGay.

A stand was brought from the sidelines, and the dildo/plug was affixed to the top of it. “Quite an invention, this Missle. Part of the secret is in the stand. A very elegant piston design allows for a device to be thrust at any speed into the orifice of choice. The plug itself has a control that allows us to expand the girth from an inch and a half all the way to four inches. Because the probe is designed much like a penis, with a hole at the end, it becomes self-lubricating with the addition of a product like KY Jelly, or even a product designed to elicit a more intense sensation. A lady can quite literally be fucked for hours, pleasurably or very painfully. We have chosen for you to receive both sensations, chattel. No need to thank us. It’s our pleasure.” His sardonic smile made me writhe and whimper behind the huge gag.

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