Amber West in domination

I am unaware of the lady behind me who slips a white powder in my tea. “Drink up, my dear,” she says. I tell her that I couldn’t reach the garage. While we talk the room suddenly starts to circle around me and I feel dizzy and sleepy. “You must be tired, my dear,” the lady says, “lay back and rest a bit.” She tells me she is Mistress B and that I am her slave. I can not resist her dominating voice and I feel totally at her will each minute more. “Come here,” she says, sit on this stool.”

Amber West and her mistress in domination

Shadow Slaves

In a dream I do as I’m told.

He picked up the vibrator and ran it over my body teasing all parts, including my nipples.He pulled on my hair and told me to open my mouth and he proceeded to fuck my mouth with the plastic intruder.  In and out, over and over as if it was
a giant cock. He stopped and removed the plastic love machine and quickly inserted my large red ball gag, strapping it tightly behind my head. I started to drool almost instantly.My tits and nipples were starting to become wet.

Shadow Slaves