Saschas Outdoor BDSM

Saschas Outdoor BDSM

The others were waiting for us. They had lined up on either side of the door in two parallel lines…. a veritable gauntlet. They were spaced about 3 feet apart from each other, obviously to give themselves room to use the implements that each held in their hands. Each line looked to be about 15 feet long, with 5 or 6 men on each side.

Owner motioned for me to rise and removed the mouthpiece. My jaw was cramped from gripping the hard rubber, but that was to become the least of my concerns.

“Based on the responses that were given by your Master, and the results of our background checks on you both, we’ve designed an evening that we feel will be especially well suited to your particular interests and talents. And speaking for my friends here, we are confident that you will be most expressive in showing your gratitude for our thoughtfulness.”

“Your first duty will be to serve us with that deliciously skilled mouth of yours. Your Master told us in his application that you are an exquisite cocksucker, and we’d like to test his objectivity in the matter. For now, you won’t be allowed to savor the fruits of your endeavors. But we understand that you like wearing cum on your face. Only after you have pleased one will you move to the next, and I’m sure your Owners can think of some ways to keep you motivated and focused in your task. Gentlemen, shall we begin?”

It felt like some perverted line dance. As soon as i began sucking the first Owner, the guy across from him started skillfully applying the crop to my ass. The first held my head and fucked my face like there was no tomorrow, and my eyes teared and i fought back gags as i struggled to pleasure him. i gave him my best, i swear i did. My tongue swirled and darted as he thrust deeper and deeper into my throat. The crop strokes rained down on me and i fought against surrendering to the pain. i knew that i needed every conscious thought to please these men. It was almost as they knew that i feared having my head held while cocksucking. It occurred to me that they undoubtedly did know.

As he pulled from me and sprayed my face, the crop found a new target and ravaged my cunt. Strokes from underneath anguished my tender flesh as the cum began its slow drip down my face. Still on my knees, i moved quickly to service the next Owner.

This Owner held perfectly still and made me do all the work. My head bobbed and swerved, as i took him deep into my throat and then drove my mouth up and down his shaft. Again, i used my tongue as i had been taught, stroking the underside of his thick cock and pressing him against the roof of my mouth. i protected my teeth and worked rhythmically to bring him to an explosion that sprayed my left cheek and ear. i moved on immediately, from one to another, serving the cock conga line.

Cock after cock filled my throat and plunged me into a depth of servitude i’ve never known. i had not seen any faces, not heard any voice, not connected in any with the individuals i was sucking. Only their cocks and their cum… only their flogs, their paddles, their whips marked my movement through the gauntlet. Cock after cock spewed on my face, and cum dropped from my chin to cover my breasts. My back, my ass, my breasts throbbed from the painful torments as i relished the sensations even as my mind grew numb. Even through my haze, i realized that no one had struck me with a cane, the one implement that Master and i vowed would be used only by him.

i reached the end of the first line, turned and began to work my way back to Owner. Huge cocks.. small cocks.. thick penetrating cocks.. half flaccid ones that grew stiff and throbbing under my skilled sucking and tongue massage. All using my mouth. Moans of pleasure told me that my tongue was performing its duty, that my sucking was meeting their need and urging them to glaze me again with their cum. My neck ached from holding my head back, my jaw ached from holding my mouth wide open, every pore hurt where the strokes had claimed my flesh…

Saschas outdoor BDSM and public disgrace of enslaved and humiliated amateur slave girl in bondage outside and submissive spanked publicly