Kinky Crystel Lei

Crystel and I had plans to go to the Opera. Instead we got tied up! A masked intruder ties and gags us and tortures us all Sunday afternoon. He ties us up and lays us on the couch with our heads down. I can feel the blood pumping in my head. I’m ball gagged and I watch as the villain does the same with Crystel using a head trainer. She whines softly as he ties the trainer around her poor face. We are helpless and the intruder takes advantage of this as he tortures our nipples with two sets of clothes pegs. I feel very sorry for Crystel as I know she has very sensitive nipples.

Some time later we sit next to each other with our mouths wide open as the intruder fixes us up with mouth spreaders. I watch as he spreads Crystel’ mouth wide open, opening up a bit more with each click of the spreader. I look into the large hole of her mouth, her wet tongue, deep sighs coming from deep down under her throat.

Shadow Slaves – Exclusive BDSM Films

Crystel became Little Red Riding-Hood like in the fairytale, but she don’t wanted to see the big bad wolf. There was no escape and she met the bastard! He had a big appetite to bound and gagged her instead of eat her.