French SM master De Sade

BDSM Direct presents legendary French SM master De Sade and his sub. A deep dive into the dungeon where naughty fetish activities become reality. Enjoy the pratique BDSM from a gentleman dom in Paris.

Sir De Sade acquired the ringing cellular phone. He glanced at the amount which was shown. He did not need to since he knew who it was that was calling him. Plus she was on time. “Hello, slavegirl.”
“Good early morning, Sir.”

“Yes, it’s a good morning, Michelle. Are you prepared to deliver me?”

“Yes, Sir.” Michelle’s voice conveyed her completely submissive state.

“Good. What exactly are you using? I have getting a visual of my slavegirl.”

“Nothing special, Sir. I’ve on several slacks along with a long sleeve shirt.”


“Yes, Sir, the same as you wanted.”

“And the shirt, could it be a gentle cotton?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And your nipples are hard?”

“Yes, Sir. They’re always tough when I chat with you,” Michelle admitted.

“Yes, I imagine they’re. And your hard nipples are apparent in your shirt?”

“Yes, Sir. They’re truly poking out.” Her a smile was brought by comments to the face of his.

“Reach under your play and also shirt with the nipples of yours. I want them also harder.”

“Yes, Sir.” Michelle eagerly obeyed his demand. “Oh,” she moaned as she toyed with her thick nipples and also teased them into an even more challenging state.

“Are they getting harder?”

“Yes, Sir,” she breathed. Her voice suggest that her arousal fitness level was launching its upward climb.

Sir De Sade examined the clock on the automobile radio. “I need you to place a clothing pin on each nipple.”

“Yes, Sir.” Michelle located the 2 clothes pins she’d positioned close to the cell phone in obedience to her Sir’s earlier e mail petition to ask them to prepared when she called the morning. “May I put the cell phone down while I set them on?”

“Yes, my precious little slavegirl.”

“Thank you, Sir.” Michelle carefully put the handset on the cell phone down before putting the clothes pins on her erect nipples.

He noticed her moan when the teeth on the clothes pins crushed the nipples of her. He smiled over the obedience of her as he patiently waited for her buy the telephone.

“They are in place, Sir,” she confirmed.

“Did you choose the tightest clothes pins?”

“No, Sir,” she admitted. She felt ashamed she’d failed to do it. She did wish to satisfy the Sir of her in every way and in each detail.

“Next time, you are going to use probably the tightest clothes pins that you’ve on your own nipples?”

“Yes, Sir. Sorry.”

“How do they feel?”

“They are tight,” she truthfully informed him.

“Good. I do need you to feel my ownership.” and control

“I do, Sir.”

“Touch the idea of your nipples.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“How does that feel?”

“Good, Sir. They’re really sensitive.”

“Yes, I know you’ve really sensitive nipples. Did your touch cause them to become harder?”

“Yes, Sir.” Michelle moaned. “And good,” is felt by it she added.

“You are such a needy slavegirl.” He visualized the way her nipples looked. It triggered the cock of his to mix and leak.

“Yes, Sir. You consistently make me that way.” She carried on to gently move the finger of her over the guidelines of the nipples of her.

“As it must be,” he confirmed. “Who owns your nipples?”

“You do, Sir.”

“Yes, I do own many of you.”

“I am yours, Sir,” Michelle breathed as she liked both pain and pleasure her nipples were receiving.

“Is your pussy wet?”

“Let me check, Sir.” Michelle lowered her slacks and touched herself. “Yes, Sir. I’m extremely wet.”

“I am not surprised.” From the submissives he’d coached, Sir De Sade had never seen anybody who might get as wet as Michelle could. She will go out of puddles of fluids on the seating of seats when aroused. Needless to say, it made it very simple to insert his, fingers, and dildos cock into her. “Put 3 fingers into her pussy.”

“Yes, Sir.” Michelle obeyed.

“Are your fingers saturated?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Lick them off,” he ordered. He noticed her sucking the juices of her off of her fingers. “Does it taste good?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I know,” he agreed. He licked the mouth of his as he managed to psychological taste her. She was very cute. He wished he was there at this time sampling tasting the fluids of her and making her squirm as he orally devoured her appealing pussy. “Put your fingertips back into your pussy.”

“Yes, Sir.” Michelle moaned as her 3 fingers somewhat stretched the pussy of her as she completely inserted them into her moist and warm hole. “In, Sir,” she breathed.

Sir De Sade smiled as he watched the obedience of her in his brains eye. “Have you actually massaged the G spot of yours and made yourself cum?’

For a moment. “No, was concept by Michelle Sir.”

Her reply surprised him. “Interesting. Find your G-spot.”

“Yes, Sir.” She probed inside of herself. “Found it, Sir> “

“Good. Massage it, slavegirl.”

“Yes, Sir. It can feel good,” she admitted.

“I know.” He heard her moans as she made herself all the more needy.

“Taste your juices again,”

“Yes, Sir.”

He noticed her once again cleaning the fingers of her off. His cock leaked even more. “Massage your G spot.” When she gasped, he just knew she’d discovered the unique spot of her.

“Sir, that feels really good.”

“I understand. Plus I have you. Feel the pleasure and the pain, I’m enabling you to enjoy and know I’m your Sir.”

“You are, Sir,” she breathed. She closed the eyes of her and felt her entire body racing towards a climax. “May I cum for you?”

“In a moment. Try keeping yourself on the edge,” he demanded.

“Yes, Sir.”

He heard the change in her breath. Sensing time was right, he commanded, “Cum for me.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she promptly exploded. She moaned the endorsement of her of the waves of ecstasy that have been cleaning over her. Lastly, she stated and sounded like she had been used, “Thank you, Sir. Thank you.”

“Yes, you need to thank me.” Checking out he clock and also noting that the clothes pins were definitely available for almost 15 minutes, he purchased, “Take the clothes pins off.”

“Yes, Sir.” She gradually introduced the strain the very first apparel pin was exerting on her nipple. “Mmmmmmmm,” she uttered when the blood flowed back into the nipples. “Ohhhhh!” she wailed since the 2nd clothes pin was removed.

“Massage them,”

“Yes, Sir.” Michelle rapidly massaged the breasts of her that far more than filled the 34C cups of her bra. “Thank you, Sir,” she breathed.